Cancer | Progression

Progression is not a good thing in cancer treatment.  Progression means the cancer has made progress, not we have made progress against the cancer. That’s the news my wife, Loren, got from her last scans.  The scans show progression, which means the cancer has flared up again in spots.  Not much progression, but enough for […]

This, Too, Is Our Life With Cancer

Our life with cancer is not all doctor’s appointments and test results. It’s silly jokes and morning coffee, long conversations and quiet time, slow bike rides and long walks downtown for beer. It’s day trips to the City and longer trips to the mountains and down south to see family and friends. I now want […]

Not Good News

But not exactly bad news, either. Just not the news we wanted to hear. Last week, my wife, Loren, who was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer late last year, received the results of her latest brain scan. It shows many lesions shrinking, which is good, but others starting to grow again. And, most worrisome of […]

Good News

The good news came in response to a non-urgent medical question. “Good news,” Loren’s oncologist wrote. “I looked at your PET scan results. Everything looks a lot better. Some of the lung nodules have completely resolved, and there is no sign of abnormal radioactivity in the mediastinal and hilar lymph nodes, adrenal gland, and bones.” […]