IMG_4234That’s how we denote it in Loren’s notebook — Chemo + 1, or C+1 for short. It’s the first day after chemo, and it’s not too bad. It’s an odd combination of energy and fatigue, punchy-ness and resignation.

The Dexamethasone makes Loren’s brain wildly active, and she has a million ideas at once. Some of them, of course, have to do with improvements for the house or her husband, and she rattles off lists of things we need to do — Right now! — and ideas for the future.

But simultaneously, she’s physically slower than usual, with slower movements and speech patterns. She pauses halfway through her thoughts and I wait — and wait — for the conclusion, which sometimes never comes.

When Loren gets going on something we need to fix or do around the house, she sounds so very much like Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh. “House blew down again, oh well.”

We laugh a lot on C+1, which helps with the slows, and Loren generally feels okay, just tired. Which really isn’t all that bad.

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