Chemo Day

BB34E757-4089-4994-A848-7546B85F0F77Chemo day dawns bright and sunny, and we spend the morning doing dishes and tidying up, eating breakfast and getting ready for our days. My day includes a long day at work, which used to seem like a tough way to start the week.

But compared to Loren’s day, it’s easy. Loren will arrive at the cancer center at 10:00 am, and the first order of business will be a blood test. Then a short wait and a chat with the oncologist before three hours hooked up for the infusion.

Today is Round Five, so we know how this will go. Loren will arrive energized, hopped up a bit on Dexamethasone, and leave tired and flushed. She will be noticeably slower tonight, her movements and speech patterns fatigued by the drugs.

Loren got home about 5:00, sent me a text, and then slept until 7:30. She ate a small dinner, then watched TV and played on the Internet — looking at the stock market — until a little after midnight.

Chemotherapy has become so routine that I dropped Loren off in the morning and she took Uber home, because I was stuck at work. Very different from Round One, when I stayed with her most of the day.

And very different from six months ago, when I never imagined cancer would be a part of our lives.

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#cancer #breastcancer

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