The Day Before Chemo

tom hills

Walking in the San Jose hills the day before chemo.

The day before chemo is a happy day, full of energy, full of life. But there’s also a shadow, an unknown of what the next round of toxic infusion will bring.

That’s because the effects of chemotherapy are cumulative and somewhat random. What was bad during round one, like nasal issues, is easy in round two, while something new inevitably pops up to take its place. Loren has, fortunately, been almost completely nausea-free, but there’s always the fatigue, which seems to be cumulative.

There’s also a shadow because we are nearing the end of Loren’s first six rounds of treatment. Sometime in March, or maybe April, the docs will take a look with another scan and we’ll see how things are going.

Externally, two things are positive: Loren does not have any coordination issues, though she is developing some minor neuropathy (numbness) in her fingers. And her cough is definitely gone. But we won’t know for sure how her tumors are doing until the MRI compares them with last time.

We are hoping for huge shrinkage. And doing our best to live each moment in the sun, despite the shadows in the future.

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#cancer #breastcancer

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