This is How We Fight


Loren’s first chemotherapy session at the Stanford South Bay Cancer center.  Election day, 2016.

This is how we fight cancer. With the latest chemotherapy drugs, infused every three weeks in a surprisingly cheery infusion center.

Round one was kinda long. Loren was there all day, receiving each drug slowly, one at a time. The idea is to do it real slow the first time around, in case there are any adverse reactions.

No adverse reactions, we are happy to report. Loren did great and got herceptin, perjeta, and taxotare, as well as a supportive drug aimed at supporting her immune system.

Chemotherapy is a funny game. The goal is to attack the cancer cells directly with the targeted agents, and gently poison all of her fast-growing cells with the taxotare. That’s why the side effects include hair loss — your hair grows quickly — and digestive issues — your gut is lined with tissue that is designed to wear off and regrow quickly.

After chemotherapy, the game is to get the poisons out of your system as quickly and efficiently as possible. So Loren is drinking 2 L of water a day to help flush it all out.

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#cancer #breastcancer

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