This is How We Fight


Loren in the Radiator at Stanford Cancer Center South Bay. She says she gets to keep the mask when they’re all done.

We fight with radiation, at least at first.

Loren’s treatment begins with ten days of radiation, administered in ten-minute doses every weekday for two weeks.  The she gets a week or two off before beginning chemotherapy.

She is receiving whole brain radiation to shrink the tumors there.  Each day she receives 300 rads of radiation, for a total exposure of 3,000 rads over two weeks.  So far, the main side effect has been short-term memory loss, which also affects concentration.  Besides that, she’s just a little tired.

Her first round of chemo will be a cocktail of three drugs: taxotare, herceptin, and perjeta.  Taxotare is a general chemo drug, while herceptin and perjeta are Her2-specific drugs, designed to attack that specific form of cancer. Side effects from the taxotare are the usual ones you think of — hair loss, nausea, and fatigue.  Side effects from the others are much milder.

The plan is to punch Loren and her cancer as hard as we can with radiation and chemotherapy, to shrink the tumors in her brain and lungs.

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