IMG_4235We fight it with coffee in bed — every morning — looking out the window and catching up on our messages.  And talking about cancer, if that’s what we need to do today.

I read some dopey self-help article a month or two ago about how to feel less stressed about work.  One of the suggestions was to set aside a little bit of time each day to worry about work.  Just half an hour or so, same time everyday, where you can fret about office gossip and office drama, upcoming meetings and project deadlines. The writer quoted psychologists who said setting aside some time to fret acknowledges the importance of your worry, but doesn’t let it take over your life.  It gives it a time and a place, but only a time and a place.

It’s been surprisingly effective for us.  We talk and worry (though not every morning), and then get on with our day.

I like to call it our Cancer Hour.  It’s not Happy Hour — that comes later in the day — but it gets us going in a pretty good way.

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