At a winery near Hollister.

My wife, Loren, was recently diagnosed with stage four breast cancer. I do not know how long she will live, or when she might die, so this story has no foreshadowing, no fancy or reassuring literary devices. It will just happen, like life, and I hope I have the courage to tell it all the way through.

I don’t know if this story will have any value, or if it will teach us anything at all about how to live each day as it comes, perhaps with a little bit of grace. I think this story might help me feel less alone — help all of us feel less alone — as we live our lives the best we can, especially in the face of serious illness.

This is a story I don’t want to tell. This is a place I don’t want to go. But this is where cancer is sending us.

So we go.

We invite you to join us.

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